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Blacksmith and Farmer of Elderberries and Acorns


Please check out the more button above for some great articles and recipes using my Acorn & Elderberry Vinegars. Looking for some great recipes? Check out culinarytypes & mycarolinakitchen blogs.




Crosby's Forge and Farm has items available at the Middlebury Natural Foods Co-op, Grand Isle Art Works In Grand Isle VT, and Burnham Family Maple and Farm in Middlebury and Vermont Salt Cave Spa. My products are presently being distributed throughout New England and are now available at About Food in Southold Long Island.


All of my items are made in Vermont.




Custom Forged Orders are always welcome


Crosby Forge & Farm is proud to offer custom orders for your special projects.  This sign was designed by me and is presently displayed at the top of my driveway.

Discover the health benefits of  Elderberries, please check out my benefits pages




Pontack Steak Sauce


 A unique tasty steak sauce made with a combination of Crosby's Pontack Elderberry and Cranberry sauces. Additional ingredients include Vermont Maple syrup, Vermont Honey, Crosby's Molasses and Guar Gum to thicken. No GMO & Gluten Free




White Oak Acorns

A short Video on Processing Acorns for survival.

What's new as of July of 2019


Crosby's Forge & Farm is proud to announce that some of my products are now available at the Middlebury Natural Foods Co-op,  Burnham Family Maple and Farm in Middlebury.  Please check out their stores in Middlebury Vermont on Rt 7 and the Co-op at One Washington Street.  They will carry some of my Vinegars, shrubs and Pontack sauces.  Vermont Salt Cave Spa in Montgomery Center will be offering  10 different tinctures.  Please check out their web site www.vtsaltcaves.com.  Grand Isle Art Works in Grand Isle Vermont will be stocking 16 of my shrub drinks as well as my Pontack sauces, elderberry and cranberry.  About food in Southold Long Island is carring my shrubs and my Pontack cranberry sauce. 


  I now have 14 shrub flavors available.  I'll slowly start discontinuing the flavors that are not selling as much.  My two new Shrubs Goosberry and Currant made from local Vermont berries are the first to be discontinued. My Cranberries are from the Hartley bog in Rochester Massachusetts and presently have some of falls new crop.  My beets are grown here in Vermont by me using the Crosby Egyptian variety beet.  I have available for special orders only Chaga Chocolate, both dark and milk chocolate.  Blackflower Chocolates will be making this chocolate for me please check out their web site at www.blackflowerchocolate.com for their line of specialty chocolates.   Also available are my new Pontack Sauces and my new Pontack Steak Sauce.  Pontack Sauce is a 17th century English condiment made with elderberries.   These sauces are great for meats, game dishes, stews, gravies and marinades. I'm proud to offer this sauce that is very popular in England.  Unknown to most people this sauce is a great addition to any cook.  Eventually the word will get out and over time this sauce will be a staple in every kitchen.


This past summer at the new location of the Middlebury Farmers Market on Exchange Street at the VFW was a good year, but because of the new location, the number of people and Vendors were lower than expected and sales dropped.  I'm hoping this next summer will be better.   My Shrub drink concentrates have been a great success at the farmers market and are flying off the table.  My acorn, elderberry and sumac flavors were the top sellers last summer, but the other flavors are moving up fast.     Shrubs are fruit- infused vinegar concentrates mixed with a simple cane sugar syrup that are commonly mixed with carbonated water.   Getting the right combination of ingredients using fresh fruits makes this a delightful refreshing flavorful drink for anytime. 


Check out my shrub cocktail recipe page now featuring three new recipes using my shrubs.  Shrubs make a great cocktails by mixing them with your favorite spirits, for a flavorful sweet fruity sour flavor.  They can be used as a snow cone topping or frozen and used as a sorbet.  Make a salad dressing or reduce it to make a glaze on you favorite meat or vegetable.  It's quite a thirst-quencher!  Top it off with a leaf of peppermint or spearmint.  Sit back and enjoy!





Now a member of the Vermont Vermont Retail Grocers Association and Vermont Specialty Food Association.

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